About the Author

Sabrina Ito is a ‘sometimes poet,’ who has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for over a decade now. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Sabrina earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and French literature at Simon Fraser University (SFU), where she also studied Education to become a BCTF certified teacher. Since moving to Hawaii, Sabrina has been teaching at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, as a French Language Acquisition and Language & Literature teacher.

In addition to her teaching career, Sabrina always fueled her passion for creative writing by completing extra coursework through Simon Fraser University (SFU)’s and University of British Columbia (UBC)’s Continuing Education Creative Writing programs. While living in Vancouver, she studied with Canadian authors and poets, such as Annabel Lyon, Miranda Pearson, and Carolyn Mamchur. In 2009, Sabrina completed Robert McKee’s ‘Story’ workshop, while pursuing university level classes in poetry, fiction, and screenplay writing.

For Sabrina, moving to Hawaii was a life-altering experience. She continued teaching French, became a metaphysical practitioner (another of her ‘passion projects’) and made the decision with her husband Victor, to finally start a family. As a new mom and full-time teacher, Sabrina began investing more of her personal time at home, choosing to write and send work out for publishing, instead of always taking classes. Her efforts to date have yielded twenty-five national publications through university journals and independent presses, such as Clarion Magazine, Slipstream Press, West Trade Review and Bamboo Ridge Press. She has earned one Pushcart Prize nomination, is a member of the Hawai’i Writer’s Guild and has published two poetry chapbooks: The Witches of Lila Springs (Plan B Press) and Messages from Salt Water (Finishing Line Press).

These days, Sabrina continues to enjoy the challenge of balancing all the aspects of her life that bring her the greatest joy – family, friends, Hawaii life, teaching, spiritual development and of course, writing.

*Follow Sabrina Ito on: Twitter (@ito_sab), and Instagram (@ito.sabrina)

5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. The poems in The Witches of Lila Springs are awesome!!!. They are all great but a few hit home for Me. They would be: At The Greyhound Bus Station, Soulmate, So Much IN a Gesture, Red Barn, Hope Chest, Insomia, Stinging Nettle Bed…Wow !,,Very. Much Looking forward to your next publication.

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  2. Sabrina! Congratulations on this great chapter in your life! So excited to see this! We hope to see you guys next year, vacation in HI!! Much love to you and the boys!

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